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Arkansas Chapter

Welcome to Arkansas HIMSS Home page! Your portal to the world of Healthcare IT here in The Natural State! Healthcare and Technology are evolving hand in hand, let Arkansas HIMSS show you how this will affect you, your loved ones, and the future of healthcare in Arkansas. Find out more here!

This page is constantly evolving and being updated. For more information about Arkansas HIMSS please contact one of our board members and they can answer any questions. We are always looking for new connections and HIT (Health Information Technology) professionals to be part of our network, so please contact us for details!

  • Healthcare Facts:
    Everyday 10,000 people turn 65.
    We have more than $800 billion of yearly waste in our health care system.
    Health care costs are growing at 3x the growth rate of U.S. Gross Domestic Product.
    It is projected that in the future, 70 percent of doctors will be working for hospitals, not in independent practices.

It’s time to transform Healthcare through IT, Are you ready?